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crew members working together to get the job done

Our service crews know exactly how to meet your needs. McCann’s Roto-Rooter has you covered no matter whether roots, grease or other obstructions block your drains or sewer lateral, problem pipe needs a closer inspection, your lateral needs grouting to stop ground water infiltration, or broken pipe needs to be located and repaired. What’s more, sewer lateral back-ups can lead to hundreds or thousands of dollars in property damage. Protect your home or business from back-ups by scheduling preventative maintenance.

Inspection - mini camera

For projects that involve smaller pipes McCann’s Roto-Rooter, Inc. uses a portable, self-sufficient miniature camera system. This allows our operators to view defects in small sized pipes and to record the inspection on video. This system is available to residential and commercial service calls. Pipe sizes possible: 3" to 6".

mini camera

When our crew needs to take a closer look at problem pipe in a home or business, we may use a miniature camera and inspection module. This illuminated, durable, flexible end attaches to video cable for a journey through twists and turns down narrow lateral pipe that connects to the sewer.

a member of our crew views the images sent back by the mini camera

The crew is able to monitor the inspection on-site. Our crew records the video inspection, noting the results in a typed report, both of which are provided to the client.



For safely and efficiently cleaning debris from narrow pipe in homes and businesses, jetting may be the best option. A miniature water nozzle is attached to high-pressure water hose and fed through the line, pressure-washing debris from the pipe as it goes.

root cutting blade

To remove roots and heavy debris from residential or commercial sewer laterals, our crew attaches blades of varying diameter to steel cable.

roto-rooter blade being placed in pipe

The twin blades are fed through the sewer while rotating at high speeds. This process reams the inside of the pipe clean, helping to clear encroaching tree roots and other organic matter.

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